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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Unexpected Gems

Rubicon advises high tech leaders needing to solve complex business strategy problems, with clients ranging from today’s global giants to tomorrow’s.

We’ve lived through the rise and fall of numerous paradigms, from the PC era to the graphical OS wars, e-commerce, Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and the rise of mobility. We’ve been in your shoes through industry, whole product and market lifecycles more times than we can count. We know where high-tech companies get stuck, and we know how to unstick them. And we keep our heads above the battle, scouting out the business trends and technologies you must know about to be competitive. Rubicon’s got the ability to think way outside the box, while staying grounded in the realities of the business. It’s a blend that often surprises people and until they’ve experienced it, they think it’s just not possible. Much like an artichoke beholds an unexpected treasure, you won’t believe our value until you’ve experienced it.