New Organization Structures

Posted on by Brandon Klein

What are the best/new ways to organize teams, companies, groups etc?

It needs to be broken down into categories:

New Organizing Principles:

Self Management:

Pioneered by a tomato company in the 90s, it is one of the most progressive organizing principles around

Teal Organizations:

Self-management: driven by peer relationships
Wholeness: involving the whole person at work
Evolutionary purpose: let the organization adapt and grow, not be driven


A dynamic two-way flow of  power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology. 


As Sita mentioned

Organizing Principles that Started at Companies and Spread

Valve Working

Fun handbook that was leaked that is worth glancing through

Lean Startup

Lean principles from the 80s turned into small and medium company ways of working (not just around products)

I think there are hundreds of these!

What are you using? How are you changing? What's next? Will a dominant 'ocracy or'archy dominate the 21st century?