Applying Flipped Education in Collaborations

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Flipped Education is gaining ground. It's application goes far beyond the classroom. Almost all business interactions are based on the ancient way of lecturing... boss, sales person, peer, doesn't matter, they think straight up talking or presenting is the best way to inform those around them. Time and again, it is the wrong way. What can you do to change it?

1- Don't introduce your topic and details. Pass out the document you were going to present and have small groups discuss what they think about it first. Then share and discuss your version. Make yourself sound smarter by using some of John Kotter's language and forming small groups of 3 or 4.

2- Chat rooms - classic education rounds instead of lectures. But don't have a presenter present their topic. Have the participants engage with the visuals. Then discuss.

3- Jeopardy - online or use paper to cover up the answer on a board... doesn't matter. It forces groups to think about solutions before the answers. Retention of information is more than doubled.

4- TED talks - choose the best ones for your topic and have small teams watch and analyze the video. Better than most articles on a subject and MUCH better that you could present about the topic! BONUS. Use the TED online education tool - TED-ED to further enhance participants/students learnings. 

5- Business book summaries. Get the books or the "Cliff Notes" for relevant books and let the class learn from the best. Apply the thoughts to your objectives. Easy and incredibly effective because no one has time to read all those books!

So many more... more options in the coming months.