Simple CRM Collaboration Tools as You Grow Your Business

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Teams have to collaborate on where they make their money... so what are a few collaboration tools that can help make you more successful? 

Is your focus crm and sales'y? 

Tinderbox  - manage business proposals and communications with Salesforce and Google Apps 

Crush Path - customer-facing sales platform that unifies the sales experience from lead to close and beyond.

Base - sales and CRM built together as simply as possible 

Stride - by far the easiest way to track, manage, and collaborate on new business with anyone you work with

Or real simple CRM in your gmail:

Streak -  manage all your customers from right within Gmail 

Yes Ware - within Gmail - tracking, templates, crm and more 

Insightly  - CRM with project management while integrating many of your apps 

Project/task management focus: 

But often, the question comes down to what you already have and therefore need to integrate with. AND  - how simple of a tool do you need to deploy so that people actually use it. There are far too many collaboration tools out there that no one will ever use! 

Team Box - haha "one tool to rule them all" not totally true, but they are easily one of the best at it

Podio - a full social work platform - with easily the best iPad app - but they were bought by Citrix - so be careful 

Work Etc. - much of the above, and they try to do billing and more to have a fully integrated business offering  

And why not go more social with your CRM? (arguably the future, but still a little clunky) 

Nimble - socially manage contacts, communication and sales in one place 

Batchbook - integrate your contacts, email lists and more 

And finally - google is coming out with a new product to keep sales stuff together:

Google Coordinate 

The default for most small businesses - i.e. the biggest player before you go up to salesforce and the other unfriendly foes is with Basecamp and HighriseHQ.