Collaboration Arcs

Posted on by Brandon Klein


"Collaboration eats strategy for lunch" by Stewart Emery

"Culture definition: Culture consists of group norms of behavior and the underlying shared values that help keep those norms in place." John Kotter 

"If you want to redirect the behavior of a crowd, here’s a tip: don’t be too idealistic about human nature."  Boston Globe 

Enron had a nice sounding culture/value statements: Integrity, Communication, Respect, Excellence.

Here is a new proposal: Can you tag culture? Can you tag improvement? Can you tag inspiration? More broadly, can you tag collaboration? To improve, we have to better understand connections, relationships, reasons for doing... 

There are tags for clothes. You can now identify people by tags, whether via pictures on Facebook or LinkedIn's tagging. Trendy new sites like have defined their artists tags by "genes." A brilliant way of tagging your artists interests, inspirations and connections. 

Netflix has tags for their employees with their "Freedom & Responsibility Culture." They have broken it down into a readable PowerPoint that is well worth a read. 

So if there is a way to create a better way to work, are there collaboration tags for it? Perhaps they are really collaboration "arcs." Arcs because collaboration isn't a straight line or tag. It isn't a simple answer. It isn't a simple word summary. What are the "arcs" to improve collaboration, improve work?