iPad for Collaboration

Posted on by Tom Kehner

Chat Rooms ... A couple presenters had PPT and Excel detail that was back-up material to the models we drew on their Chat Room walls. So, we emailed those files to a couple of iPads to enable a few people to huddle around the iPads to see the detail during the Chat Room. Very effective.

iPad Scavenger Hunt ... Early this afternoon, we will do a Kotter Group exercise with the participant group. This will formally introduce them to Box.Net and provide an experience around knowing that all information is captured and available as they get into detailed work this afternoon and tomorrow. The assignment was sized to fit inside the flap of the iPad covers.

YouTube Video incorporated into assignment ... This morning we’re doing Legends in the style of Super Heroes, with each team identifying super powers, epic battles, villains, cryptonite, etc associated with the project ahead. To kickoff the exercise, we emailed a Word.Doc with links to Super Hero movie trailers to each iPad. With this attachment opened on the iPad, each team was able to click on the various links and get ideas for their Legends skit from 6 different movie trailers. We were a little concerned about them being able to hear the audio with the tiny iPad speakers, but we found it to be just fine. A team of 8 can easily hear the audio if they huddle around their iPad.

iBooks can be just as easy as PowerPoint or Keynote. Load up your content, videos, 3D models and more for a touch friendly learning, sharing, etc. exercise.

iPad Maintenance ... Mike Klar showed me how to “force quit applications” on the iPad, which has appeared to make them run faster. Also, more importantly, by force quitting the Box.Net app specifically, this totally clears any former invitations to previous events on each iPad. Here’s the procedure ...

- double click the HOME hardware button ... This brings up a window bar across the bottom of the screen that lists all running apps

- click and hold one of the app icons until all the app icons jiggle

- click the “minus” twistie to force quit each app (individually)

- click the HOME hardware button to exit

- now each iPad is not running any apps, and Box.Net is clear of any old invitations