Re-Targeting (think, continuous collaboration)

Posted on by Brandon Klein

You know you know it. Or at least you know you feel it... You visit a site and then somehow ads appear on completely different sites about that product or service you were just looking at. Those darn companies were collaborating to get you to buy, buy, buy.

Re-targeting collaboration is pretty common. If you are serious about collaboration, you should be doing it too! Here is a little friendly collaboration advice:


Minimum spend $1,000 per month - media and ads and acct mgt - also can understand intent - They want to upsell analytics and optimize campaigns. Nothing wrong with that. 


UK Based - ultra personalization and follow through. A bit much for most collaborations. Pure retail/e-commerce.


Lots to offer. Just for big companies.


$500 minimum - always do on larger scale - serve all media as well. Great sales people that focus on what you actually need. Rare in this business. (disclosure - they are who I use) 


Yeah - build a retargeting campaign into your existing campaigns. Careful! You pretty much have to be an Adwords wizard, but the customization is endless. And endlessly time consuming! 


One of the best - but you need to have a thousand visitor user base... so not valid for common collaborations. 

All in all, if you aren't doing this for your collaborating ways - think about what you are missing out on!