Clap to the Right or Left & Move Right to Left-Front to Back

Posted on by Brandon Klein

PASS THE CLAP - Simple energizing exercise. 

1- Everyone stand in a circle

2- You essentially pass one clap to the next person

3- After people go around the first time slowly, try it again the other direction

4- Then speed things up

5- Finally introduce clapping both directions- aka - as one clapis being passed around - as it reaches the midpoint, start one the other direction. 

6- Fast paced video of it in action coming soon


BtoF&LtoR: Simple energizing exercise to move around the room: 

One of the simplest exercises around. After a group has been sitting for a while- simply ask the folks on the right side of the room to move to the left and the left to the right. Front to back, back to front. Have each person introduce themselves to one person they don't know along the way!