Building a Bigger Better Breakout with Kinetic Energies Walls

Posted on by Andy Lloyd

Kinetic Energies Wall Solution is used often in mobile collaborative events. It is an excellent solution for many of us. If you rent directly from Kinetic, it comes in large card board boxes that need to be stored during the session. Don't know if this is a brand new concept but during my last event the team created more space to collaborate and bigger breakouts to fit the conference center tables.

It's an easy cost effective way to increase the useable space in a session and add a richness to the breakout. The only downside is the dividers aren't very mobile, so you'll need to think through transistions if you need a wide open space for any of your modules.

Supplies Needed –  The wall shipping boxes, clear packing tape, a roll of butcher paper, some heavy duty foam core, and a few nice green plants.

Uses – Break out plaques, Assignment posting, extra writing space, and a great sound barrier between breakouts.

Here are a few pictures of the solution: