WD-40 White Board Ghost Remover - Collaborative Equipment #001

Posted on by Tom Kehner


Tired of doing graphic scribing and synthesis on white boards that have ugly “marker ghosts” from years of poor care?  Tried everything under the sun to remove those ghosts, only to make them worse and/or permanently damage the writing surface?  Help has arrived!  Look no further than WD40 (, the world’s most versatile product with more than 2000 uses.  That’s right ... Its a squeak fixer, a rust inhibitor, a grease & grime cleaner, and a white board marker ghost remover.  Just lightly coat the problem area on your white board surface and immediately wipe clean with a soft cloth.  Follow up a few minutes later with your normal white board cleaner to finish the job, and then stand back and admire your ghost free writing surface.

And if you ever wondered what's inside WD-40, there is a great article about it in Wired Magazine