Commitment Statements

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Clean, Clear Commitment Statements. Here are some general ones:

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We have worked hard. We have addressed the tough issues. We have focused on the customers needs. We have considered many options and we have debated the approach. We have decided that we will dedicate ourselves to implementing XYZ as the first step in our journey to realizing "XYZ." Every member of this team is already a winner. The results of this project will help make our company a huge success and our customer will be the biggest winner of all.


The ______________________ management team met in XYZ on _____________ to decide how to propel our business from startup into the future. We took a look at our customer needs and realized we had gaps in our processes and needed additional touch points between our functions. As a result our goal is to ensure that the entire organization is process-focused and aligned to exceed our customer needs.

We validated our vision, mission and values upon which we based all our decisions. We focused on customer needs and decided that great transmission will be defined in terms of customer service. Customer service will be the differentiator for the transmission industry. Not only are our customers important to us, but also our stakeholders’ interests will be critical to our overall success. Our stakeholders include ____, environmental groups, ______, etc.

During the XYZ days we designed the _______ operating model and agreed upon the key ________ mega-processes. __________ will be process-based and we will transform our mode of operations to ensure success. Decision-making will be made at the appropriate level within the organization; we will promote delegation and foster accountability; we will work cross functionally to ensure that the touch points between our processes are efficient and that we meet customer expectations; we will be proactive with the big picture in mind.

We used the XYZ and spent time learning about different ways our solution might work, testing the options, and finally deciding what would become the ___________ solution. We expect that our initial design will grow and evolve as we become experienced with it and look forward to a complete rollout within the next few weeks. We developed a roadmap to move forward with key initiatives, targets and milestones. Your manager will be able to provide you with more information on our work and decisions.