Model Shop

Posted on by Robin Brooking

To crystallize your thoughts from today, it is important to take the language, ideas, readings, and concepts you have explored and make them more tangible as you integrate them more comprehensively. With this in mind, your assignment is to build a physical model of how you would implement your team's leading practices in the future xxx finance process.

How does this model work?  Demonstrate the relationships and structure between people, processes and technology. Show the control and feedback loops, the interaction with the environment, the integration requirements, and how they all work as part of the complex system. Consider the relevant constituencies: customers, owners, employees, suppliers, etc. Show as much detail as you can, and include your language, insights, and learnings from the day as well as those from your prior knowledge of the project vision and objectives.

You have been provided a set of materials out of which you can build your model. Use them in any way you wish. Feel free to barter with other teams for materials that could add value to your team's model. You may also use other materials from the environment as long as they can be returned in good condition when the assignment is over. Make sure your model represents your ideas clearly enough for an uninvolved observer to understand key concepts.

Be prepared to present your model to the rest of the participants tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. Use your model to educate us about the leading practices you identified and how you applied them to the finance processes. It is important to give us a detailed report of your work along with an explanation of your model.


Plastic tub (shoe box sized or bigger) should contain an assortment of the following items:
Glue gun and sticks
Glue - assorted strength
Tape - regular and double sided
Modeling clay
Assorted construction paper, and craft sheets (the stuff that's not paper but not fabric)
Crayons, markers, pens, etc.
Feathers (small pkgs at craft store) and other related things found in craft department
Fishing line
Foam core - 1 sheet per team
Scrapbooking paper and materials
Brad fasteners
Small styrofoam pieces
Small dowel rods/popsicyle stiks
figurines - army men, cars, hot wheels, etc.