People Science - putting people first... scientifically

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Putting people first – Scientifically
Communities, projects, and initiatives thrive when the people associated with them work well together. The most successful teams are the most connected - to each other and their work. Why then, are so many conferences, forums, meetings, etc. structured almost exclusively around the intensely iterated content with only unstructured networking time dedicated to the people?

Traditional Events
1. Agenda determined by sponsors
2. Content-centric presentations
3. Content-centric breakout groups
4. Networking confined to predefined
social hours
5. Social media add-ons
6. Business card swapping/connections
7. Individual follow-ups dependent on perseverance of attendees
Sample Offerings


People Science Infused Events
1. Agenda determined by sponsors 2. Content-centric with tangible,
integrated follow up connection
3. Infused-module designed around the
relevant people you meet within the
4. Collaborations live on, driven by
intentional, deeper connections with purposeful follow-up & micro- networking modules
5. Personal connection data infused social integrations
6. Micro-modules to truly connect with the people you meet and make a real difference around the work that you share
7. Seamless community follow-up learning and proactive development


• Algorithm application to identify people-to-people commonalities and maximize content collaboration
• Big data (from web history to biographies) analysis of past and present connection opportunities
• Cross-divisional mapping
• Content mapping
• “Have a blast” intentional successful networking
• Digital follow through initiators
• Infused and micro-modules integrated into existing content/agenda designs to maximize
connection prospects