Cisco: Collaboration ROI Proof!

Posted on by Brandon Klein

In the last decade, the Internet, mobile, and broadband technologies redefined our way of life. Collaboration tools have become business-critical, adding value in many ways. Cisco has presented a framework for assessing the return on a collaboration investment across three areas:

- Operational Return on Investment (ROI): Achieved by reducing and/or avoiding costs
- Productivity ROI: Realized through more efficient processes, faster time to market, and reduced cycle time
- Strategic ROI: Leading to business transformation and strategic advantage

We have moved from the first generation of collaboration focused on individuals within a single company to more advanced tools that facilitate social sessions across organizations. Now more than ever, a network-centric approach is essential to maximizing the benefits of today’s collaboration technology.


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Is collaboration worth it? The research says, yes. To measure the full return on collaboration, business leaders should consider results across three areas: operational ROI, productivity ROI, and strategic ROI. A modest level of collaboration results in moderate performance gains; however, progressively better collaboration yields progressively better performance and returns. Now is the time to plan your collaboration strategy. Pioneers in financial services, healthcare, education, and other industries already are defining new enterprise standards in their industries. Don’t miss the opportunity to be an innovative collaboration leader.