Collaboration Isn't Email

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Business Insider graphic showing how social software is more common that email now.There is a great divide happening.

We are collaborating online in a completely different ways from off-line. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in virtual collaboration with our actions and our financial investments.

Virtual collaboration started with email, which was actually just really fast letters. Virtual collaboration today is so immersive, it is re-defining what collaboration even means.

But we still collaborate THE SAME EXACT WAY on work, on projects, on ideas... when we are face-to-face. Just as social collaboration has become the default way of communicating (see chart above) BECAUSE OF countless billions of marketing, technology and financial investments, where is the investment in improving how we collaborate together in person?

- Where are the investments to improving collaboration in meetings
- Where are the apps that lock you out of PowerPoint so you can actually get something done
- Where are the startups that redefine 8 people working around a table with singular goals
- Where are the software programs that turn off electronics when you are having a human to human conversation
- Where are the carpenters to destroy the windowless conference rooms
- ...