Business Collaboration: Building your Network

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Whether for business, pleasure or personal growth, we all seek opportunities to participate in gatherings of likeminded individuals (or those with minds we're interested in being like).  It is unknown how many conferences go on in the world in any given year, but some estimates show that there are millions worldwide. Once aware of a conference, there are several expected "knowns" that help you evaluate if indeed it is worth your time:

- Topic
- Date
- Location
- Price
- Speakers
- Organizers
- Sponsors
- Twitter # Tag
- Output/Results Link 

...but actually uncovering the most interesting, relevant, gathering of minds, can be very time consuming.  That's why we're attempting to create a Collaborative Conference Network and to do it, we need your help!  Collaboration King's extensive network of collaborators has taken a big first step in developing a simple, visual place where you can access every conference in your field of interest.  We'd like you, to help it grow.

So... please share with us any info you have on the following:

Did you just go to a conference?

Are you going to one?

Know of a list of the conferences in your field?

Are you the organizer of conferences?

Send the list over... with the above details filled in (Location, #, price...)

ck (at) -or- go directly to the mind map and enter it yourself! 


What's in it for you ( addition of course to a great resource)? 

- Free advertising for your topic/conference
- Free link from highly trafficked/Google loving site
- Participation in the web's most collaborative site: 
- Thousands and thousands of impressions for your conference/organizations name

Check out the Collaborative Conference Network below - or - go directly to the EDITABLE Mind Map and enter a conference directly. 


To prevent spam/abuse, Mind Meister (our Mind Map provider) requires you to create an account before changing the Collaborative Conferences Network Map. Please e-mail us with questions/concerns.