Giant Video & Collaboration

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Projection on Buildings from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.


Video collaboration comes in many formats. Most folks think that video falls into one of the following categories:

- Skype (largest online video conferencing service)
- (instant web based video collaboration - WebEx is the more famous version)
- VU HD Video and RAD Vision (for permanent HD personal and business conferencing) 
- Cisco TelePresence (the grand daddy of fixed video chatting)
- Willow Garage Remote Presence (wicked movable video robots)
- Multi-party live satellite mass collaboration video conferencing)


But we are entering a new era of not only giant video collaboration, but interactive and even 3D!

It doesn't do it justice to write about it, so check out some of the videos, pics and more keeping track of it all:

- Check out the video up top first!
- Sensory Minds to keep track of it all
- Datatron to power all these new pixels (check out their testimonial videos... amazing)
- And one day everything will be immersive as this tasty Salsa (opens video)


Where things are heading is truly spectacular. But lets not forget some of the collaboration principles and intention behind it all.  Read our articles about INTENT to help you, your team, your company determine your end state before creating these phenomenal interactions.