Collaboration Summit - Gartner Style

Posted on by Brandon Klein

If you want to keep up to date on the latest and greatest in many fields, conferences can be a quick and easy way to develop new contacts and collaborate within an industry.

Although we like to think that every conference is the opportunity to inspire a better way to work, sometimes we recommend a more traditional track approach to absorb the volume of information you are looking for.

And we are cerainly happy to see that Gartner is hosting their annual Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit March 9-11 in Baltimore MD this year.

If you are interested in 'evolution in real time' and want to:

"Bring your workplace, information, and processes up to real-time speed. The pace of change in technologies related to portals, content, and collaboration - everything from how you interact with customers on the web to how your employees share documents - has never been faster. Users have embraced social networking, quickly driving the technology and the behavior deep into the workplace. Real-time web, just an idea not long ago, is suddenly a reality. And then there's the tectonic shift among big vendors. The summit will address these tumultuous topics head-on, examining how these changes can dramatically improve your enterprise's information creation and dissemination needs.

We'll connect the dots and paint a cohesive picture of these sweeping changes. We'll present a framework to allow organizations to move forward, make strategic plans, and keep options open for maximum flexibility. We'll supplement this broad vision with detailed drill-downs in the hottest areas of portals, collaboration and content."

Register and find out more information on the official Gartner Summit Events Site.