Collaboration Incentives

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Effective collaborating needs incentives. So, pay people better to work better together? Maybe not. Adrian Furnham, a Behavioral Psychologist and author found that better paid employees are not more productive or happy. In fact, money is more likely to be a cause of dissatisfaction rather than satisfaction (article). And according to a recent HBR story “non-monetary incentives built into a game economy strongly motivate individuals to accomplish group aims.” 

Here is an experiment of virtual collaboration and incentives. Companies get discounts when their employees use the services they recommend. We are no different here. However, employees generally don't see the benefits of this group buying ability.  We are going to change that. American Airlines lets companies earn free travel from anyone using their checkout codes. So we are freely sharing the code and giving away the incentives redeemed from it. Do you want a free plane ticket?  All you have to do is enter this code at checkout when you buy an American Airlines ticket. That is it. Enter 6 numbers right after you enter you payment details and you could get your next flight free!  


If you do, once a month (or whenever we accrue enough points) we will draw from a hat and give the free ticket to that person. Here is a screenshot of the account now:

*more airlines to be added shortly

+ Points accrue faster than traditional air miles

+ Points go to the shared business account. Balances will be updated here and winners will be contacted directly

+ It only works if we work together

+ No need to register for anything- just enter the above code at checkout

+ You still get your air miles as usual