So You Think You've Got Talent. No. Take a Cue From Reality TV.

Posted on by Brandon Klein



You think you have talent. You think you have the solution. You think you know what you are working towards, or your boss is working towards. You want to work better, communicate better, get a raise, get the deal... but there are several barriers and lots of competition.


+ Set up a judging panel. Take the decisions out of group or the people in the meeting. This can be as simple as putting names in a hat and drawing who will make the decisions.

+ Define the requirements... the objectives. If everyone knows exactly what they are working towards, the results will be much more powerful.

+ Short list viable winners. It does no good to just use the existing possibilities and go forward. Significant time needs to be spent looking/seeking for solutions to your objectives. Reality and talent shows promote their auditions everywhere, then travel to major cities to audition thousands and hundreds of thousands of potentials. Only then do they narrow down their picks to reach their objectives.

+ Set up a competition and voting system to make the final decisions. Use SMS Poll. Everyone has a phone. It is fun. It works.