Can PowerPoint be Collaborative?

Posted on by Brandon Klein

"College leaders usually brag about their tech-filled "smart" classrooms, but a dean at Southern Methodist University is proudly removing computers from lecture halls. José A. Bowen, dean of the Meadows School of the Arts, has challenged his colleagues to "teach naked"—by which he means, sans machines." Read the full article.


Some people think PowerPoint crashed the space shuttle, like the Washington Post. Some people think it is art:


Even the famed Seth Godin gets in on the action- Bad PPT (<1MB PDF)

SlideShare Quick Tour - Summary of features & capabilities View more presentations from Amit Ranjan.


Are the online versions of PowerPoint from Google, Adobe, Slideshare etc. any better?

Collaboration King uses mindmaps from Mindmeister to share and elicit large amounts of information. Is this any better? Are social networks or online collaboration tools any better? Will 3D information take over?