Bumble Bee Top Collaboration Techniques Mini-Site

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Great resource for teaming:

This mini site provides concise and well tried techniques in the areas of Team Mobilisation and Team Operations for a wide-range of collaboration scenarios including:

  • virtual teams
  • cross-functional teams
  • collaborative business networks
  • virtual communities
  • supply chains and clusters

Each tool in the toolbox includes:

  • An Introduction to the topic
  • The overall process for introducing and using it
  • A Detailed Checklist
  • A Worked Example/Supporting Spreadsheet

The current toolbox contains the following items

  1. Defining team objectives, success criteria and required outcomes
  2. Establishing Team Capabilities for the job and spotting the gaps
  3. Defining Team Ground Rules
  4. Assessing Team Culture and new required behaviours
  5. Agreeing the Team Karma ("what’s in it for me?")
  6. Effective Personal Collaboration Strategies
  7. Conducting Effective Team Meetings
  8. Good Team Decision Making
  9. Creating network collaboration opportunities
  10. Assessing a teams beliefs versus High Performing Teams
  11. Profiling a virtual team
  12. Collaborative Document Development
  13. Autonomous Behavior Modelling
  14. Team Social Network Analysis
  15. Team Member Feelings about change: the 10 second test

  16. How to detect an “Inverted Team”

  17. Organizational Team Turbocharger Tool

  18. Virtual team satisfaction assessment

  19. Identify team communication problems via “communication distance”

  20. An holistic test of collaboration: the 3 greens check

  21. Assess Team culture: the 3-colour technique

  22. Spot Team member “responsibility” problems


Even though I have described many proven techniques for collaboration there is something you should know… you only need 3 of these techniques to sort out 90% of the problems in the team setup phase ..... and if this phase is not done properly none of the other phases really matter anyway!

So if you need to sort out your team or group in a real hurry - check out The 3 magic techniques for setting up any team