Forrester Research: Benchmarking Your Collaboration Strategy

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Not a bad report if you think it is worth the money. Chances are you can learn more about collaboration by reading some of our collaboration technique/tips articles though:

- Reading some of our collaboration bookmarks
- Reading about our Pattern Languages and how they can be applied to your business
- Examining some of the collaboration software
- Even checking our collaborative strategy companies- all of whom Forrester mentions
- Checking our collaborative modules/exercises to engage employees and customers

Here is more about the Forrester report if you aren't sold:

"A companywide collaboration strategy was once a nice-to-have. No more. Even in the current economic climate, 37% of organizations surveyed in Forrester's Q4 2008 enterprise and SMB software survey consider implementing a collaboration strategy important in 2009. Two broad trends are driving this: 1) There's a critical need to drive information worker efficiency and to manage the unstructured content artifacts they produce; and 2) while the value of improved collaboration is clear, the path to success has become more complex. Navigating the organizational and technical challenges that can inhibit success requires a structured approach. To that end, Forrester has developed a tool-based methodology to add a structured input to the development of an enterprise collaboration strategy."