A Thanksgiving Special

Posted on by Brandon Klein

A friendly reminder from super-collaborator Jason Fried as we gather and share on this day of thanks:

"I rarely have meetings. I hate them. They're a huge waste of time, and they're costly. It's not one hour; it's 10, because you pulled 10 people away from their real work. Plus, they chop your day into small bits, so you have only 20 minutes of free time here or 45 minutes there. Creative people need unstructured time to get in the zone. You can't do that in 20 minutes. I hate it when businesses treat their employees like children. They block Facebook or YouTube because they want their employees to work eight hours a day. But instead of getting more productivity, you're getting frustration. What's the point? As long as the work gets done, I don't care what people do all day."

(Jason Fried built the number one online collaboration software company 37 Signals focused on pure simplicity and ease of use. Read about it more in our collaboration software guide