Out of A Meeting and Daydreaming, A Company is Formed

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Ever since The Sixth Sense, we have wanted to have wearable data, or at least Smart Clothes like in Back to the Future

Contrary to popular belief, boring meetings do yield fantastic results. Check out what boring meetings have created:

The photo above is a new company described by blogger Faris Yakob:

boring meetings = interesting ideas

Lisa Prince, a strategist at Wieden+Kennedy, sat in many meetings staring at data. Sometimes her mind would wander. She started to notice that by squinting a little the data began to transform into something quite beautiful.

When strategist Lisa met art director, Nicholla, x met y and they had the idea to transform data into beautiful pieces of wearable art. Visit their site: THIS IS PLOT 

 And here are wearable, knitted sweaters based on actual data. Read about it at Matt Saddler's blog. 

And here is a video of what wearable data will be in the future. 


As great as these ideas are, coming out of boring meetings, it can all be summed up by the graphic below. Please keep in mind these critical success factors when designing, or daydreaming, doodling, meeting or presenting:

- The designs application
- The meeting structure
- The vested interest of the meetings participants 
- The actionable outcome of any meeting or data 


And if you're looking for a model that focuses more on meetings and company activities. Study this "Vantage Points" Model Trademarked by MG Taylor. It is incredibly useful for working together to come up with inspirations like the wearable jewelry of Lisa Prince. 

Read about the Model on the MG Taylor website

And perhaps the ultimate daydreaming interaction with data and meetings:

TED Pranav Mistry- The Thrilling Potential of SixthSense Technology

And finally a little help in visualization from NASA: 7 Days of Weather on Earth. 1080P video. Well worth watching.