Murderboarding: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy

Posted on by Brandon Klein

This book represents some of the best collaborative thinking available today. It is similar to many of our PATTERN LANGUAGE articles. Especially; Appropriate Decision Making, The Question Behind the Question, The Unsayable Must be Said- Overcoming the Tyranny of the Open Secret and No One is More Limited than the Cognoscenti

From the book: MurderBoarding is a valuable tool when you have one of the following:

Too many ideas at once. You know you’re at this point when you find yourself asking, “Which one makes sense?”

A situation that has changed in a variety of ways since the last business review.

The organization seems to have lost its focus.

A high-stakes opportunity (millions of dollars) that justifies the investment of a thorough review.

A new vision that requires people to stop doing what they’ve been doing and shift to something new.


One of the primary take-aways from the book is: "It's NOT about how many good ideas you have. It is about how many you kill."  

You  can download a segment of the book for free compliments of O'REILLY. 

Webcast will be available soon. You can buy the book for $15.99 

"Collaboration is a powerful competitive weapon; this book shows you how to use it to win markets."