Collaborate, Open Source and Chinese Phone Game

Posted on by Brandon Klein

The old way of thinking- one centralized power source to do the whole job. (yes, that is a jet engine for removing snow and more from runways)

Chinese Phone Game. The original or real message never actually makes it to the end. In daily collaborations, the message, or goal or ultimate success never seems to be where it started or as acutely executed as it was supposed to be.


The solution is so simple, but few if any people actually attempt it in any organization in any meeting and in any practically every collaborative moment. Be honest, open, tell the whole truth and most importantly put all information about anything relevant on the table.

First, we can learn a lot from the open source software movement here:

+ Ever heard of the Warner Brothers Website, or The Onion or the entire Belgium Government's website. They all use completely Open Source, free software. Software made by peoples generous contributions (Drupal.)

+ Or how about Wikipedia? Built on Open Source Software MediaWiki that is given away freely to any company. Not to mention that people freely give away all the content on Wikipedia as well.

+ None of us know what all of us know. How could we.

+ Or how about the Open Government Initiative. Specifically, which is sharing all (well, lots!) government data for the public to use, re-purpose, analyze, improve and share for the betterment of the USA.

+ Check out previous posts around the subject. The unsayable must be said and All of us are smarter than any of us.

In other words. Share everything. Share it until it hurts. You and everyone on your team will benefit beyond your wildest expectations.