Global Collaboration

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Antique Indian Rickshaw (taxi) MeterLet's face it: Westerners are not right for many of the new media collaboration jobs.

First, save yourself some money.

- Computers & web & programming
- Accounting & Book-keeping & data entry
- Secretarial & research
- Manufacturing & processing
- Promotion & acquisition

We know setting this up can be risky, difficult and frankly, a whole new world.

Collaboration King has most of its work done in India and the Philippines. Here is how we approach it:

1- We use people we know and trust (if you don't know anyone- hire a person/company for a small insignificant project...)
2- Must have guaranteed cost savings within 6 months (it has to be worth it, as the setup and quality control time is dramatically higher)
3- It helps end poverty. Does your company donate to charity? Did you know that 10 free market jobs created in a developing country are equal to an annual donation of $250,000 to a major charity?
4- We have created over 100 jobs in India, Philippines and Ethiopia. Help us create more. And yes, it is a socially conscious marketing winner as well!