Break: Walk on the Beach, Walk in the Park

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Well, we don’t always have a beach, but a walk in a park will do. We take short breaks periodically through the DesignShop process, but sometimes a longer break is called for – to take a walk outdoors in a park or just out under the sun. It’s a healthy thing to do, and it can give people time to reflect and integrate ideas. It’s valuable, particularly during longer DesignShops of 3 days or more. MISSION: To give people a daytime break during an extensive, multi-day process.

Usually done during Focus or Act, but can be earlier. Time required: you name it.

Strengths — It’s healthy. It relieves stress. It helps people relax, integrate the new work. Some people need their daily dose of sunshine to truly feel good. Weaknesses — It’s a break in the process. It may be a luxury. It may take longer to re-start the process than with shorter breaks. Specifications for Success — 1. As always, give clear directions. Be sure you know how to find everyone, so you can round them up if they run late.