Move Toward the Fear; Understanding clients uncertainty

Posted on by Brandon Klein


The entire DesignShop process is different from traditional consulting. A Partner, or engagement team knows how to serve a client and is confident in their ability to perform in the traditional manner. Often all of their past actions and efforts are seen as in jeopardy as they are now dependent upon a successful Session that is based upon a process that they don’t understand or have experience.


We look to an engagement partner:

· Ungovernable & unpredictable

· Like ferocious scope creep

· Out of control

· Dangerous loss of control/power

· Mysterious process

All this is entirely natural to one steeped in linear control-based management.



Fear is overcome by understanding and/or positive experience. By "hearing" them - they know you understand their issues and won't let client off the hook. Also, you know what work has been done to date and can be built upon. Help them understand you want the same thing they do & your job is to make success and minimize risks and your fear.

Another part of moving toward the fear is to go toward what scares you in the process. Don’t run from it. Some of the scarier things are synthesis conversations, the fear that the client will reject you or the process or that you will freeze and not have the right thing to say when it is needed. Trust that what you need will be there when you reach for it. You know more than you think you know.

Ride to the sound of the guns!