Tell the truth with compassion; the only way to collaborate effectively

Posted on by Brandon Klein


“The wise don’t make problems.” However, certain situations call for truth to be told. Sponsors, teams, and Krew can be stuck in loops of avoidance, political ploys and dysfunction. A ”reset” of thinking and behavior is required to move to effectiveness. Risks/rewards can be high depending on the situation, when the truth is told and how it’s told.


When needed, tell the truth. Give feedback directly, without anger, and with the simple elegance that truth gives. Use the ‘finger in chest/hug’ model to convey that you are offering the truth because of your love and respect for the individual, group or organization. One of the reasons this is so powerful is because it is so rarely done.

Understand the situation and the dynamics of the working relationships in the moment.

Assess the implications of telling the truth. Will energy spiral up or deflate? What are the risks? What are the rewards? There is a right moment.

Finally, tell the truth with compassion. Put yourself in the shoes of those whom you’re dealing with. Take the high road but don’t come from on high. Who are you to put yourself above the receiver?