"Ain’t nobody here but us chickens" Collaborating in the right environment

Posted on by Brandon Klein


The farmer delivers a GRAND SLAM keynote address . . .The farmer throws all the right nutrients on the ground . . .The farmer goes away! Now . . . the chickens must lay, sort, clean, pack, crate, and deliver the eggs to market!



Create an environment that enables:


· An opportunity for the key client executives to exude the passion they possess. Involve the leader in the design, so they get to project leadership, but also participate in the creation of the solution. We have had instances where a senior executive can completely recast themselves as a different leader over the course of a DesignShop.

· An opportunity for the worker chicks to gain the confidence they need to take action – we’re the only ones who will get this done!!”

Bring to the session the people that have a reason to be there, the ones that can contribute to the solution or a broad understanding of the problem. Work to create an atmosphere of “it won’t change in our organization unless we do something about it.”

“There go my people. I must catch up with them, for I am their leader.” --Bobby Kennedy