Prepare for success

Posted on by Brandon Klein


The engagement team is worried about if the Session will be a success or not. They become focused on the process, and concerned about what if the session fails. They lock all their preparatory efforts on the DesignShop session itself as if there is nothing after it.

85% of change efforts in the US fail.



Change the focus from concern about failure, to preparation for success. Our past ASE sessions have a great record of success. Failure often comes not during the event, but in the client/engagement team’s ability to stay in front of the client’s energy to succeed after the Session.

Before and event:

· Warn them of this challenge. It is like getting set for a tennis serve—you know it is coming, it will be inside this frame on the ground and it will have heat on it.

· Set the expectation that success means that there don’t have to be any meetings before they start—everyone should know what to do.

· There must be other Change Management tools and concepts we can use here.

Ways to ensure success during and after an event:

· Ensure they create a communication plan.

· Build some sort of ongoing program management into the solution

· Ensure the action plan they create has points for program review and ‘mid-course corrections.’

· Reconnect with them on a regular basis.